Hi, lovelies! This month’s PINTREND is dedicated to the humble cookie. I’ve been stumbling across some incredibly delicious recipes lately. All taking the humble cookie and making them extravagant with things like matcha, pistachios, orange slices and chia jam. Here’s a little round-up of my favourites… These salted caramel filled chocolate cookies

FREEBIE: You’ve GOT this Desktop Wallpaper

Hi, lovelies! Today’s the first Monday of a new month, which means a new desktop wallpaper designed just for you! I know as the months go past it becomes a little harder to keep that new year motivation and pep going. So this wallpaper is a daily reminder that you’ve GOT this!

LISTEN: March Mixtape

Hi, lovelies! I cannot believe it is the first day of a new month again. Seems the time is flying by. The 1st of the month means a new playlist. This month’s playlist has some mellow jams to chill to, dance to or work to. Happy March y’all! Or as they say

CRUSH: Alja Horvat

Illustrations by Alja Horvat
Hi, lovelies! This week’s CRUSH is the work of Alja Horvat. I just love her style plus all the women she depicts are basically my spirit animals. They love cats, baths, plants, natural hair and sayings like “I am a star”. Here’s a little round up of my faves from her Etsy

JOURNAL: Episode 1: 2 months in Naxos, Road Trips & Coffee

Hi, lovelies! I’ve been into the idea of vlogging for the longest time. I often watch vlogs of artists and content creators I love and think to myself, “Girl you could totally do this! It looks so fun to document your life”. However, that little seed of self-doubt always acting as devil’s

TRAVEL: I Moved to a Greek Island

Hi, lovelies! So it’s been a long time since I posted a TRAVEL post and this one is going to be a little different. I want to share with you a little about my move to a Greek Island. I know crazy right?! If you follow me on Instagram you will have