INSPIRE: Watermelon Beach Outfit

Hi, lovelies! I came across this stunning image and all I could do was think of summer, the beach and swimming in the sea. So I’ve put together a little beach outfit inspired by the lovely colours… This casual bikini set from Madewell (top, bottom) is perfect for lazy days on the

CRUSH: Jess Phoenix

CRUSH: Jess Phoenix
Hi, lovelies! Yesterday I was browsing Pinterest and I came across the incredibly vibrant floral artwork of Jess Phoenix. Her style is so magnetic, once you see one piece you just want to keep looking. Her use and balance of colour are stunning. And you all know I’m a sucker for bold

PINTREND: Cute Small Terraces

Hi, lovelies! This month’s PINTREND is all about super cute small space terraces. The apartment here in Naxos has some nice tiny outside spaces that I would love to make cosy places to enjoy a coffee or read a book. So I’ve been pinning all the inspiration I can find. Here’s a

INSPIRE: Domino Paper Terrace

INSPIRE: Domino Paper Terrace
Hi, lovelies! Have you heard of domino papers before? Well, here’s a little low down via Cooper Hewitt. “Domino papers were printed on single sheets of paper by the guild of Dominotiers in France during the 18th century. The original intent of domino papers was for lining trunks and chests of drawers,

SELF CARE: 6 Things I Learnt from Getting Divorced

Hi, lovelies! So it’s been a long while since I brought you a SELF CARE post, and this one is a biggy…6 Things I Learnt from Getting Divorced. So make a cup of coffee and settle in… Before I get started, please note that the below views are my own and are