We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in South Africa but non the less I wanted to throw my own dinner on Thanksgiving eve. We have a lot to be grateful for so why not have a few friends over and enjoy a delicious meal together. I made a tasty three course including an antipasto style starter with cured meats and cambert covered in honey and toasted nuts. For mains we had fillet medallions with a mushroom red wine sauce, mediterranean potato salad and roasted baby aubergines. But the piece de resistance was dessert…chocolate and ginger upside-down tart!


Here is how to make this morish and super easy dessert…


Chocolate + ginger Upside-down Tart    Makes 6

– 200g Dark Chocolate (make sure to use a good quality one)
– 1 cup cream
– 12 ginger nuts (roughly two per glass)
– ginger ice cream for serving


1) Combine chocolate and cream in a pot over a low heat. Continue to stir to avoid burning. Mix is ready when it is a consistent colour and texture.


2) Pour the chocolate into a jug and then fill your glasses about an inch each (dependent on the size of your glasses). Place in the fridge for roughly 30 mins to set.

*Tip: Using a jug to fill your glasses makes it easier to fill as well as avoid spilling on the sides of the glass. I mean we don’t want to waste any chocolate now right?!


When you are ready to serve crush the ginger nuts into small pieces, divide between each glass and sprinkle over set chocolate. Top with a scoop of ginger ice cream.

*Tip: If you cannot get your hands on some ginger ice cream here is a cheat way to make your own…
Take a half litre of vanilla ice cream (make sure its the good stuff). Allow it to soften, make sure it doesn’t melt completely, stir in in some finely chopped preserved ginger and a little of the syrup from the ginger. Return ice cream to the freezer until set.

This dessert is just the right amount of yumminess after a large meal and honestly it couldn’t be easier to make. Enjoy!