CRUSH: Claire Ishino

Hi, lovelies! As you may have already noticed I love vibrant floral artworks. And this week’s CRUSH is no different. I stumbled across Claire Ishino’s work and immediately fell in love with the colour palettes and her almost geometric representation of plants. Claire is a visual artist from Adelaide, Australia, who spent 8 years in Japan creating and selling jewellery. This snippet, from her story page on her site, really sums up the feeling you get from her work…

I draw and paint almost every day and I strive to create those kinds of joyful pieces of work that lift your spirits and fill your home and heart with happiness. I love connecting with people and listening to your stories. I am inspired by those stories as well as my own personal experiences, nature and my love of pattern. I often use the shapes and forms of flowers and leaves as visual metaphors to express different thoughts and feelings or to convey messages.

Claire Ishino

It was tough picking my favourites from her collection because they are all truly gorgeous. In the end, though, I loved this little round up the most…

To see more of Claire’s work or to get one of her pieces, please visit her SHOP. I think my favourite has to be Rise And Shine. Which is your favourite?

Happy crushing!