Do you ever get those moments when you discover a shop and you go holy wow they have cool stuff? I had one such moment with Wallography. I checked out their store and fell in love!


Wallography is a UK based online store that sells the most beautiful educational charts of flowers, fruit and animals. But these aren’t just any educational charts they are vintage finds with remarkable illustrations on mostly dark backgrounds. Striking and stunning…the perfect addition to any art collection.


I asked Wallography to tell us more about their store and love of educational charts.

Stephanie: Who are the masters minds behind Wallography?

Neil: I wouldn’t say masterminds, just suckers for nice things. It’s just the two of us (Ruth and Neil) at the moment. 


Stephanie : What made you fall in love with educational charts?

Neil: To think the current collections on our site were originally illustrated when the pixel and world wide web didn’t exist is just mind blowing. It must have take years to produce them to such detail and accuracy. I can’t imagine what it must have been like learning about botany and zoology from them…they put the vector style illustrations in our heavy text books now to shame.


Stephanie: You mention on your site that some of your items are original vintage pieces, tell us about your most interesting find?

Neil: We have the original of the Pine Tree wall chart over our bed which we can’t bare to part with…it’s just amazing. We also have a huge bird chart, but it’s so big we need to find a wall big enough to photograph it before we can add it to the collection!


Stephanie: Do you have any top tips when it comes to decorating our walls?

Neil: Be brave, you can always change it if you don’t like it.


Stephanie: Which of the prints in your store is your absolute favourite?

Neil: For me it would have to be the Cherry Tree, the colours are amazing. Ruth has a soft spot for the cat, it looks so serious and scary for a representation of a domestic animal.


Aren’t they just gorgeous?! Thanks Wallography for sharing with us. Love your store!

Which is your fave?


All photo’s courtesy of Wallography.