CRUSH: Willian Santiago

Hi, lovelies! Today I want to share with you the incredible work of Brazilian illustrator and graphic designer, Willian Santiago! I stumbled upon his work on Pinterest and immediately feel in love.

CRUSH: Willian Santiago

Willian’s puts strong focus is on depicting vibrant women with their spirit guide and I love how they are portrayed. Strong, confident and possessing an internal power that we all strive to have. Growing up in Londrina, Brazil, Willian was surrounded by scenes of lush vegetation. And he incorporates that connection with nature into his work. He is also heavily inspired by the Brazilian culture and the culture’s emphasis on hand craft.


The majority of Willian’s work is produced digitally, yet there is a handcrafted quality look to his pieces. They are full of colour and texture that gives them an almost crafted Art Deco air. He develops textures by scanning old paper or layering marks made with crayons or splashes of paint. I love how he combines such bold reds and oranges into his work.

CRUSH: Willian Santiago

His work is unique and gives me such joy! I hope they do the same for you!

Happy crushing!


P.S: All the images above and more great pieces can be found on Willian’s Behance channel. Visit his Society6 store to find some of his beautiful pieces for sale. Personally I would love to own a copy of his piece, Kalemba.

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