Last week I was crushing on these and it made me want to make something uber cute and pink. A great way to bring bright colours into your wardrobe in a somewhat non committal way is to make bright accessories. I love how satin ribbon always has such stunning bright colours…so what better than a gorgeous ribbon and chain necklace.


Here’s what you going to need:


– 2 meters of ribbon (make sure the ribbon is wider than the width of the chain links)
– 700mm of hardware store chain (chunky is good in this case)
– super glue
– scissors


Step 1: Cut one end of your ribbon on the diagonal.


Step 2: Now take your super glue and run a little along the edge. This will help prevent the ribbon from fraying on the edge.

*Tip: Don’t have super glue lying around…you can also use clear nail varnish.


Step 3: Thread the ribbon through the first link of your chain.


Step 4: Continue weaving the ribbon through the chain till you have passed the ribbon through all the links. Once you get to the end cut the raw edge on the diagonal and apply the super glue as per step 2.


Step 5: Double loop the ribbon on the end through the last link and tie a knot. Do the same on the other end.


Just tie the ends in a bow and there you have it, a bright statement piece.