Moving into a new place almost always means finding ways to make it your own. One of the best ways to do that is to create art pieces to display proudly in your home. So when I found some gorgeous floral pages in one of the thousands of magazines I have lying around, I knew just what to do with them.
 Here’s what you are going to need:

– floral magazine pages
– 2 sheets of brown kraft paper
– double sided tape
– blade or exacto knife
– cutting mat

Step 1: Start by downloading the quote PDF and printing it out on one sheet of the kraft paper
(side note: if you are going to use your own quote make sure to use a bold font that will be easy to cut out)


Step 2: Start cutting out the letters of your quote using your blade


Step 3: Once all your letters are cutout, place the magazine page behind it so you see the image you want through the letters. Trim page if necessary. (I used two different magazine pages and trimmed them to cover my quote.)

Step 4: Line the back of your cutout kraft paper with double sided tape. Try get it as close to the text as possible. The more tape the better I always say.


Step 5: Peel off the tapes backing and stick the magazine page to the kraft paper. Make sure that you stick the page image side down. That way when flip the quote over you’ll see the image through the letters.


Step 6: Using more of the double sided tape stick the second sheet of kraft paper behind the magazine paper. This will make your “print” more sturdy and stop the magazine paper from peeling off. Plus it makes it less transparent…bonus!

Now you have a beautiful florally inspiration for your home. When your art piece is done, either stick it in a gorgeous frame or pop it in a clipboard like I did.