I love paint chips…their colours are absolute and they have this gorgeous satiny texture. When I go to hardware stores I cannot help but be drawn to the endless rainbow of the paint department and always take a few chips before leaving. I decided it was high time to do something with my little chip collection. So here you have it, a paint chip mosaic artwork…


Here is what you will need…


– 2 sheets kraft paper (medium weight)
– paint chips in colours you love
– craft glue
– double sided tape
– scissors
– blade
– cutting mat

Step 1: Download the heart template and print it out onto both sheets of kraft paper


Step 2: Start cutting your paint chips into small random shapes like chipped tile using your scissors.


Step 3: Arrange your “tiles” on one of the two printouts first before gluing. It is like building a puzzle, just make sure to leave a teeny boarder around each tile as this emphasizes the mosaic effect.
(Side note: don’t worry about going over the outline of the heart as this will be corrected later)


Step 4: Now go back and start gluing your tiles to the kraft board by putting a little dot of craft glue behind each tile. You should then have something resembling the above.


Step 5: While your tiles are drying cut out the heart on your second kraft board.


Step 6: Put strips of double sided tape around the boarder of the heart and along the page edges.


Step 7: Peel of the tape backing and stick the sheet with the cutout over the sheet with the tiles so that you see the tiles through the cutout.

And there you have it a cute mosaic artwork for your home.


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