There is something so tactile about rope, don’t you agree? It’s natural raw hues, the coarseness of the weave and the endless things you can make with it. I have a ton of embroidery floss in red left over from our wedding and I have been hunting for a project for them. Enter this rope statement necklace.


You will need:


– 5mm diameter natural coloured rope (avoid plastic ropes) 
– 1 skien embroidery floss (I have two pictured but only used one)
– sewing needles
– scissors
– masking tape
– fabric / craft glue

Step 1: Cut your piece of rope to length and wrap a piece of masking tape around each end. This prevents the rope from fraying while you work with it.


Step 2: Find the middle of your length of rope and make a simple loop, as above, roughly 5cm in diameter.


Step 3: Cut a piece of embroidery floss to roughly a meter. Use it to thread your needle. Tie a knot at the other end of the thread. Pierce your needle through the intersection of your loop of rope.


Step 4: Pull your needle and thread through till your knot hits the rope and can’t be pulled anymore.


Step 5: Dab some glue around your knot and trim off the excess thread sticking out the top of your knot.


Step 6: Now leaving the needle on the thread, wrap the length of floss around the intersection using a cross over pattern. Ensure you pull the thread tight every time you wrap it around.


Step 7: Once you start to reach the end of your thread, use your needle to sew the end into the wrapped section. When you have secured it, take the needle of the thread, trim excess thread and put a dab of glue on the end of the thread.


Step 8: Repeat steps 2 to 7 to create two smaller loops either side of your larger middle loop.


Step 9: Tie a knot at the one end of your rope. Dab some of your glue into the creases of the knot to secure it.



Step 10: Wrap some embroidery floss around the “tail” of your knot using the same method as we used on the loops.


Step 11: Create a loop with the other end of your rope. Using a threaded needle to pierce through the intersection and continue to wrap the thread around the rope to secure it as previous till it looks something like the image below.

And there you have it…

This piece is great paired with neutrals like black, white, grey and stone or be brave and wear it with a wild print in a complimentary colour like green.

Happy styling!