When we were in Italy last year my fabulous mother bought me this absolutely gorgeous leather tote. It is the perfect simple grown up ladies tote. As much as I love love love this bag I still wanted to add a little something something to make it my own without altering the bag. If like me you have a bag that needs a little extra you, these little tassels are a great solution. Here is how quick and simply you can make your own bag dangle.


You are going to need:


– craft glue
– dog clip
– tassels (I bought these ready made from a craft store, learn to make your own here)
– scissors (optional – if you want to trim stray strands on your tassels)


Step 1: Thread the loops of the tassels onto the dog clip.


Step 2: Tie a knot with all the tassel loops at the same time, by looping the dog clip back on itself.


Step 3: Dab glue on the knot to help secure it. And there you have it…


I love this simple personal touch. And the best part…I can easily move them onto any of my other bags.

Happy tasseling!