Aerial Views of Mar Del Plastico by Bernhard Lang

Is it just me or does January always feel like the “take action, get stuff done” month? I always feel super motivated at the beginning of the year. And strangely enough I kinda enjoy getting back to work after the December break. This year though I don’t have an office to go back to per say. Moving to Naxos has meant going remote. Which I love but right now I don’t have a designated office space. Obviously creating an office is one of the many many things I’d like to achieve off my long January to do list. When I saw this amazing aerial photograph by Bernhard Lang I just fell in love with the colour palette. So I thought I’d use it to pull inspiration for my future office space. Here’s how you can get the look…

Collection of mint green and neutral coloured office decor
  1. A work day does not start for me unless I have had my morning coffee. This mug from H&M Home is so quirky and I love the colour. Perfect for my morning brew!
  2. What is an office space without a desk?! I’m currently crushing on this one from IKEA.
  3. I find working much more enjoyable when I have some essential oils or a scented candle burning. And I really like the look of this one from H&M Home.
  4. A good pen is a must. This fountain pen in rose gold from Lamy is just stunning. I have the Lamy AL-Star and I love it!
  5. A proper office chair is so important but I still want it to be elegant and neutral so this one from IKEA is perfect.
  6. This jar with lid from H&M Home is a perfect hold all for all the tiny office supplies like paper clips and pins.
  7. I love the idea of using this super cute basket from H&M Home as a waste paper basket.
  8. We all need somewhere to store that paperwork marked “to action”. And these paper drawers from The Container Store would be the prettiest place to hide all that paperwork clutter.
  9. A designated place to write to-dos and appointments is also a must for me. This leather personal planner from Kikki K is stunning and customisable. Plus the store has some super adorable refills and planner stickers.
  10. And lastly plants (*insert heart eye emoji here)! I found these 2 all over on The Sill (Echeveria, Peperomia). But you could visit your local nursery.

Happy decorating!


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