Hi, lovelies! I’ve been into the idea of vlogging for the longest time. I often watch vlogs of artists and content creators I love and think to myself, “Girl you could totally do this! It looks so fun to document your life”. However, that little seed of self-doubt always acting as devil’s advocate whispers in my ear, “Your life isn’t interesting enough”. So seeing as in my self-care post about building confidence, I talk about just taking the plunge and drowning out self-doubt. I figured I should take my own advice and just do it. So I’d like to introduce you to my new monthly vlog the Confetti Journal.

I’d like for this vlog to be a place for you to get a glimpse into my everyday life here on the island of Naxos. As well as any fun adventures I may go on in the months to come. Shall we get into the first episode…

In this episode, I take you along with me as I experience my first 2 months living on the Greek Island of Naxos. We’ll take a walk in the Old Town, visit the beaches of St Georgios and Lionas, hike some mountains and have coffee.

I hope you enjoy watching! See you soon!