One of my all time favorite things to do in winter is curl up on the couch and read. Because of that I think I’ve read more books than I can count on my hands but, saying that, there are only a select few that I have truly loved. Lately I’m on a quest to make more time to read and I’d love to share my favourites with you. Here are two great ones to get you started…


Set in 17th Century Amsterdam, this book tells the story of 18 year old Nella, who moves to the city to marry the merchant, Johannes Brandt. It takes you through the ups and downs as Nella tries to fit into her new home and adjust to her new family. Everything changes when her husband buys her a dolls house and she employs a miniaturist to furnish it. The artists creations mirror Nella’s real life in a eerie way. And so Nella begins to uncover the secrets of the Brandt family…


The Miniaturist pulls you in from the word go and just when you feel you know the story a twist appears. The kind of twist that makes you shout out loud…literally. I loved how it spoke to my heritage and how you learn to love each of the characters as you follow their journey.

Appetite by Philip Kazan

Florence, 1466, everyone has a passion and with 60 thousand people crammed into it’s city walls, you’ve got to have passion to survive. A young man by the name of Nino has the incredible gift of taste. He can taste flavours others cannot. The flavours come alive to him as vividly as a painting. This gift takes him on a culinary journey in the age of gluttony and conspicuous consumption, that leads him to love, self-discovery and danger.

Appetite paints a picture of food like I have never experienced in a book before. Luscious, sumptuous and difficult to put down. I’ve lent this book to a few friends and each one has loved it.

I hope you give these books a read and would love to hear your reviews. Also, do you have a great book to recommend? Pop it down in the comments…I love recommendations!

Happy reading! XS