Hi, lovelies! In today’s Self Care post I want to talk to you about the not so little topic of Self Confidence. Specifically, I’m talking about the kind of Self Confidence that relates to the way you talk to yourself about your abilities, your worth, your capability to reach your dreams and goals. Let me start by saying that I, as a creative, struggle with self-doubt on a daily basis. I love what I do and 99% of the time I love the work that I produce. However, there is still that little voice in my head that questions all my decisions and makes me worry that no one will value my work as much as I do. Oh, the negative self-talk list goes on.

So I wanted to show you 4 Ways to Grow Your Self Confidence. Little practices you can do daily, weekly or monthly to help that confidence blossom. The first thing you need to do is print out the worksheets I designed just for you. I have made a page for each of the 4 Ways to Grow Your Self Confidence to help prompt you to get started. If you would rather put the steps into your journal you could use the printouts as a guide. And maybe cut-out the floral elements to stick in your journal. When you’re ready to let’s get into it…

1. Make an Appreciation List

Spend 2 minutes every day writing down 3 things that you appreciate about your life and situation as it is right now. Expand a little if you can and write why you have an appreciation for that thing. By creating this habit you remind yourself daily what an incredible life you live and that you have a reason to feel positive no matter what.

As an example, “I appreciate that I grew up in a very creative home and that my family taught me that anyone can create something beautiful. They showed me that I can be creative too.”

2. Affirm Your Real Worth

Ok, so this one is a little harder because you are going to need to dig a little deeper. What you are going to do is make a list of the qualities that you have that are meaningful to the context of your situation. Once you have your list you can more easily identify your strengths which gives you the opportunity to learn how to refocus your efforts in how you approach reaching your goals.

As an example, I’m a Product Designer and I haven’t yet sold any of my own products. However, if I list the qualities I have that could help me overcome this, I could say: I am resourceful, I can identify problems and I love finding solutions, I know how to be flexible and adapt. These are all positive qualities that make me perfectly capable of overcoming the current negative situation.

3. List your Accomplishments

Make a list of the things you have already achieved that you are super proud of, no matter how big or small. Read each one aloud and reflect on these. Remind yourself that you can be proud of yourself for achieving those things. Allow future you to feel inspired by past you.

As an example, “I am proud of getting into a more regular posting schedule on my blog”. This motivates me to keep it up.

4. Turn Your Fears into Positive Affirmations

We all have fears when it comes to our abilities or competencies (there’s that evil head of self-doubt again). But in this practice, you are going to learn to reframe the way you see those fears, by turning them into positive affirmations. Write down a fear you have and then opposite that re-word that phrase into something more positive. Basically, you are going to correct your negative thoughts. They say you become your thoughts, so let’s start focusing on your affirmations so that you become those rather than your fears.

As an example, “I am scared to start a vlog in case I am so boring that no one wants to watch my videos”. This is changed to “I have interesting things to say and when I start my vlog I will be proud that I have achieved one of my goals”.

As an added bonus, pick one of the affirmations you need to hear most. Use the last page of the printable to create a little motivational poster by writing your affirmation in the centre. Stick it up somewhere that you can see it every day. And let yourself start believing it!

And there you have it. Honestly, it probably seems easier said than done. And yes working through the steps may be difficult and at first, they will be a little tough. But if you can work through these practices, you will be investing some quality time into your self-worth and eliminate that nagging voice of self-doubt. And you know that I am a big advocate in investing in yourself. So give it a try!

You’ve got this!


P.S: If you’d like to do a little more reading on this topic, this article on the TED website is great. Also, watch this amazing video by Christine Mỹ Lihn, her video was such a big inspiration for this post.