SELF CARE- 5 Women That Inspire Me To Practice Self Care

Hi, lovelies! Today’s SELF CARE post is a little different. I wanted to introduce you to the 5 Women That Inspire Me To Practice Self Care. I personally follow their Instagram accounts and they inspire me in my quest to be my best self. Each has something unique to offer but they all have one thing in common…they are unashamedly practising self-care every day. So let’s get into it, shall we…

1. Claire Sharryn Roberto

I am a huge huge huge fan of Claire’s not only because we went to school together but because she is incredibly inspiring. She has used food to health her autoimmune disease and openly shares her experience with her followers. A massive advocate of celery juicing every day and never ashamed to eat alllllll the fruit. Claire has such positive energy and her vegan food always looks amazing! Claire inspires me every day to focus on my gut health and to appreciate life every day. Keep an eye out for her recipe app that’s in the works.

2. Alison Wu

I have followed Alison for a while! I just love her aesthetic and her very open way of talking about the importance of self-care. The queen of Instagramable smoothies and the adaptogen guru. Alison shares recipes and pearls of wisdom to help you on your self-care journey. Plus she has the cutest fur-babies which is always great!

3. Kaitlynn Guzman

If you want inspiration to get your body moving but also need the added extra motivation, Kaitlynn is the lady for you. Kaitlynn has to be the most bubbly supermom I have ever met. And her get up and go attitude is so infectious! She is a fitness coach and shares workouts in her stories. She also has an amazing support group that you can join to help keep you motivated and accountable.

4. Melissa Delport

Melissa’s account just breathes of her self-care journey. She is incredibly open about her experiences during her journey to healing her body and mind. Melissa gives such great advice and shares some truly deep questions to ask yourself. She is also the author of the amazing Whole Bowl Foods for Balance recipe book. And you can often find healthy recipes on her feed. As a fellow Cape Townian, I love seeing her posts from some of my favourite spots.

5. Lee Tilghman

Honestly, I love Lee’s account so much! She comes across as so down to earth and has a way of making you feel like one of her friends. Besides all the delicious health food recipes, Lee also shares her experiences with things, like giving up shaving or switching to eco-friendly deodorants. And she does so in a way that talks about all the pros and cons no one else speaks openly about. If you want to learn how to make the perfect matcha latte and learn the importance of dancing freely in your space Lee’s account is for you. And I can promise you’re going to love it!

Well there you have it, a round-up of some of my favourite power woman! Do you have any accounts you love and follow that inspire self-care?

Happy inspiration seeking!