Hi, lovelies! With Valentines Day around the corner, I wanted to bring you something a little different for this SELF CARE Tuesday post…How to make a Mini Care Kit. This little kit is the perfect thing to give to your friends on Valentines Day. Consider it a little “I’m here for you, go enjoy some me time” gift.


I think a really important part of self-care is to give your friends the time and space to practice self-care in their own way too. As an example, if a friend cancels plans with you because they feel they need to rest or take some “me time”, don’t give them a hard time about it, rather support them and see it as an opportunity to use the free time to practice some self-care yourself. So if you have a friend who needs a V Day treat, here’s how you can make this little kit…


What you’ll need:

  • A super cute mug (remember #hygge)
  • Tea Bags
  • Face Mask
  • Chocolate
  • Nail Polish
  • Calming Essential Oil (I chose Lavender)
  • Plain Gift Tag
  • Small Glass Bottle
  • Bakers Twine
  • Mini Envelopes
  • Washi Tape
  • Strips of Paper

I made 3 little things to go with the store bought items in my kit…


1. Bottle of Kind Words

Using your paper strips, write a few kind notes to your friend. Notes to bring a smile to their face and remind them how special they are. Fold these up and put them inside the small glass bottle. Make a cute label for the outside with a strip of paper and some washi tape. I wrote, “You’re the Best” on mine.

2. Envelope of Yumminess

Again using your paper strips and washi tape, make a label to stick on your mini envelope to tell your bestie what’s inside. Now fill the envelope with as many tea bags as you like.

3. Love Note

Write a little love note on your tag and decorate with cute doodles.

Now fill your mug with all the goodies you’ve collected and attach the tag. You’re all done, as easy as that! Give your bestie their gift and remember to practice some self-care this week too!

Happy making!