TRAVEL The Greek Island of Milos

Hi, lovelies! It’s been a hot minute since I shared a travel post with you all. So today I thought I would share with you some snippets of a recent island hop I did with two of my besties from back home. We took a mini trip to the beautiful volcanic island of Milos.

Our trip started with a quick 2,5hour ferry ride from Naxos. We arrived in the port of Milos in the late afternoon, where we were collected by the lovely host of our incredibly cute cave style AirBnB apartment. We spent the evening relaxing and taking a stroll to find some local food for dinner. And then it was early to bed so that we could make the most of the following day.

Day 1


The next morning we took a walk (but should have taken a cab) to the lovely little sea-side village of Mandrakia. Mandrakia is a small fishing village. The architecture in the village is traditional of Milos, as the buildings follow the natural landscape, carved on rocks around a small port. These houses are used by fishers for the housing of the fishing boats and the nets. We enjoyed a freddo espresso at the cute taverna Medusa before catching a cab to find ATV’s to rent. Cabs are incredibly expensive in Milos so it made more sense for us to rent some ATV’s for the remainder of our stay.

Zoodohos Pigi church, Mandrakia
TRAVEL The Greek Island of Milos

Once we had our ATV’s the next stop was the most instagrammable beach, Sarakiniko. Sarakiniko is truly incredible and the main reason we chose to visit Milos! When you first arrive at the car park area it just looks like some dusty rugged landscape. But as you walk further down to the seaside there are just limestone cliffs and THE most amazing clear blue waters. The only way to describe it is that it is like you have landed on a moonscape. The rest of the morning was spent swimming, snorkelling and cliff jumping.

Ready to cliff jump in Sarakiniko
Sarikiniko Moon Landing

We then headed in search of lunch and we made our way to the town of Pollonia. Where we enjoyed a delicious lunch on the water’s edge, at the wonderful Rifaki restaurant. The rest of the day was spent napping and relaxing. In the early evening, we took a trip to the hillside village of Plaka to watch the sunset and do a little shopping.

Plaka Sunset

Day 2

Tsigrado from above

Day two was filled with a beach excursion to the most interesting beach I’ve ever visited, the beach of Tsigrado. What makes this beach so unique is that you literally have to climb down to it using ropes and ladders to assist you. We spent most of the day there tanning, swimming, snorkelling and green pebble hunting.

Path to Tsigrado
On the final ladder before touch down on the beach

Lunch that day was just as interesting as we went to Sirocco. There they literally cook your food buried in the hot volcanic sand found on the beach there. The food was delicious! However, be prepared to pay for the experience as it is a little on the pricy side. But then again how often do you get your food cooked IN the beach?! After lunch, we headed back to the apartment to pack our things and get an early night. The next morning we caught the early ferry back to Naxos.

Milos was a great experience and if ever you are in Greece you should try to make your way there. Just keep in mind that the beaches are not in walking distance of each other. And food on the island is a little more pricey than what I am used to in Naxos. But all-in-all I had such a great trip with my besties. And would definitely go back again in the future! Have any of you visited Milos? I would love to hear about your experience!

Happy wanderlusting!


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